Nestled in Ledbury, The Seven Stars has embraced its heritage while modernising its approach to ensure everyone feels welcome and accommodated.

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Community Action

We are proud to support the incredible work of Community Action charities in Malvern and Ledbury. We offer affordable two-course meals twice a month for the Ledbury group and once a month for the Malvern group. This initiative is not just about serving delicious meals; it's about nurturing a strong sense of community and inclusivity. We believe in aligning our efforts with the core mission of Community Action, which is to combat isolation and enhance the well-being of older and disabled individuals in our region.

Sourcing Local Ingredients for All

One of the cornerstones of The Seven Stars' ethos is the emphasis on sourcing the finest local ingredients. This commitment to quality extends to ensuring that our menu caters to a wide range of dietary preferences and restrictions. We provide a diverse array of options, from farm-fresh meat and produce to vegetarian and vegan choices. For those with food allergies or sensitivities, our staff is trained to assist in choosing suitable dishes.

A Feast for All Senses

Our restaurant goes the extra mile to cater to various sensory needs. The ambience is designed to be warm and inviting to create a comfortable atmosphere. Patrons are encouraged to communicate any specific preferences or requirements, allowing the staff to tailor the experience to individual needs.

Accessibility in Accommodation

Our guest accommodation is designed with accessibility in mind. Bathrooms are equipped with grab bars, making it easier for guests with limited mobility to navigate our space comfortably. Regrettably, our guest rooms are only accessible by stairs and no lift is available. We offer our sincere apologies for this.

Hosting Events for All Occasions

The Seven Stars restaurant and private courtyard are versatile spaces that can be adapted to accommodate various needs. From intimate gatherings to larger celebrations, the venue is equipped to host events that cater to everyone. Our staff works closely with event planners to ensure that accessibility requirements, whether related to seating arrangements or dietary restrictions, are met with precision.

Celebrating Heritage, Embracing Inclusivity

The Seven Stars Inn itself is steeped in history, dating back to the 17th century. While the inn honours its heritage, it has also been sensitive to the evolving needs of modern guests. Following a fire in 2001, the inn underwent extensive restoration work. During this period, efforts were made to ensure that the building met modern accessibility standards while preserving its historic charm.

Ease of Access for All

Whether arriving on foot or by car, the inn is conveniently located in the heart of Ledbury. St. Katherine's car park and Bye Street car park are both less than a minute's walk away. For those travelling by train, it is easily accessible from the Worcester to Hereford Line. The restaurant and bar can be accessed by wheelchair via the side entrance.

From sourcing local ingredients to providing a comfortable dining and accommodation experience, The Seven Stars has made a deliberate effort to ensure that all guests feel valued and welcomed.