Our Farm

We are unique in Ledbury in having our farm provide us with fresh meat and produce.

We all know that food tastes better when you grow it yourself. Plus, you know that no chemicals have been used in the process. That’s why we started St. Catherine’s Farm.

St. Catherine’s Farm lies in Stonehall Common near Malvern, set in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside. Our farm provides us with all the pork, lamb, turkey and eggs that we need, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. It means that we can ensure our animals have the highest standards of welfare and that our produce has been grown organically. It also means that our commitment to locally sourced food is real and driven by us.

In addition to the meat and vegetables that find their way onto the menu at The Seven Stars, we sometimes have some special treats. Ask about our St. Catherine’s Farm flavoured sausages!

Our farm is home to one of the few remaining clans of British Lop Pigs. A hardy breed from the nearby West Country, the British Lop is one of the rarest native pig breeds, with just a few boars remaining.

The Lop is one of the more docile breeds of pig. It has a long body, and large ears that droop over its face, hence the name. They also produce meat that has a better texture and flavour than hybrid pigs.

The Lop went into decline in the 1950s, as farmers sought to concentrate on traditional hybrids that they could grow and sell faster. Now, St Catherine’s Farm is one of the last remaining breeders.

You can find out more at the British Lop Pig Society website.

Nestled in Worcestershire’s serene countryside, our paddocks provide a blissful haven for a delightful herd of rescue donkeys. These content creatures bask in the freedom of the open air and thrive on their close-knit companionship.

Their friendly nature extends beyond their sanctuary as they occasionally make appearances at the local church fete, enchanting the community with their presence and bringing an abundance of joy to all who encounter them. Witnessing their infectious happiness is a heartwarming experience that truly embodies the charm and tranquillity of the countryside.