Local Area

Ledbury is a stunning market town in rural Herefordshire, recognized for its medieval market hall and locally renowned timber-framed Feathers Inn. Not far from Worcester, Hereford and Gloucester, and looking out over the iconic Malvern Hills, Ledbury is the perfect location for a picturesque, small-town trip, or a short stop on your way to the surrounding cities.

Town History

The Market Hall, or as locals commonly call it The Market House, began in 1617 as a grain store and a market area for local people to set up market stalls. Nowadays, it is still used for Ledbury’s twice-weekly market, as well as the upper chamber being used for Ledbury Town Council’s meetings. In 1645, the battle between Parliamentary troops and Cavaliers that saw the success of the royalists took place here, now known as the infamous Battle of Ledbury.

Ledbury is home to the fantastic Ledbury Heritage Centre, which exhibits local literary figures, outlines the development of the town and provides an insight into 18th-century Ledbury. The building was constructed in 1480 and initially used as a grammar school for local children.

Home to many beautiful ancient buildings Ledbury is the perfect town for fans of medieval and Tudor architecture. Perhaps Ledbury’s most famed historical building, The Feathers Inn dates back to the 16th century. Its impressive timber-framed appearance and local reputation make it one of the most iconic aspects of Ledbury. The Talbot Hotel also has a rich history, dating back to around 1550- it sits just a brief stroll away from New Street, and its similarly timber-framed buildings make it the perfect addition to this medieval market town. The Seven Stars is believed to have been built during the early 17th century- the earliest record of it dates back to 1793. It is believed that ‘The Lion’ in John Masefield’s poem The Everlasting Marcy was actually The Seven Stars.

Just east of Ledbury is Eastnor Castle. Built in 1811 by the second Lord Summers, who also designed the British Museum in London, this stunning building resembles a medieval castle. It is still lived in today, but visits to the grounds, as well as private wedding venues, are still permitted today.

Ledbury’s High Street is home to the Barrett-Browning Institute, dedicated to poet Elizabeth Barrett-Browning who grew up and wrote at Hope End, not far from Ledbury. The building was built by architect Brightwen Binyon, mirroring the Tutor Revival style of the Market Place, allowing the two iconic buildings to exist in unison within the town and uphold the medieval roots of Ledbury. The literary roots are rife, Ledbury was also the birthplace of Shakespeare award-winning poet John Masefield, best known for his children's novels and poems such as “Sea-Fever”.

Places to Visit

There is much to do within Ledbury, and its convenient location makes for many accessible day trips out during your stay. Below are some of our favourite local attractions:

Natural Ledbury

Nature lovers are in for a treat! The countryside location and beautifully designed streets make Ledbury the perfect spot for a relaxing stroll. Ledbury’s recreational ground is open to the public and incorporates a luxurious green park with a play area, fit with equipment kids will love! Of course, there are also the Malvern Hills nearby, if you desire a more nature-focused walk, but no matter where you choose to visit, we’re sure you’ll enjoy yourself! Ledbury is also home to Woodside Country Park, a stunning outdoor location, perfect for all nature lovers.

Cultural Ledbury

For those seeking entertainment in Ledbury, The Market Theatre is the perfect venue. Pay a visit and watch a selection of live shows, films, screenings of theatre events and local productions at this homely theatre.

Beyond Ledbury

Malvern Hills
Only a short drive (or a relaxing walk) away from the Seven Stars, this stunning natural location is one of Britain’s most renowned nature reserves. Perfect for a family day out to an ice cream whilst admiring the patchwork fields of Worcester, and for an action-packed day of scaling the famous British Camp.

Historical Ledbury

Ledbury has an extensive history, and for those who wish to learn more, several locations within Ledbury will satisfy your curiosity. Butchers Row House Museum is just a short walk from us, and here you can view many historical remnants of the Battle of Ledbury, as well as a small collection of musical instruments. As well as this museum, Ledbury's Heritage Centre gives an insight into 18th-century Ledbury, with exhibitions of local literary figures, and the development of the town.

Newbridge Farm Park
Open during the Summer Holidays, this family-run visitor attraction is perfect for families with young children. The farm park ensures a safe environment where children and parents enjoy meeting friendly farm animals, engaging in exciting activities and making use of the various play areas.

Hereford Cathedral
Home to the Mappa Mundi, one of the largest surviving medieval maps in the world, as well as one of the few surviving chained libraries, this stunning ancient building is the perfect visit for those with a passion for historical architecture.

Events, Activities and the Local Community

Many well-known events take place in Ledbury annually- Ledbury carnival takes place in August on bank holiday Monday every year, including a carnival procession, entertainment for all ages, stalls and a kid's disco. It is organized by the Ledbury Carnival Association and held in the Town Centre, providing an enjoyable day of excitement for locals and visitors alike, as well as helping local clubs and charities to raise funds. Another popular event is the Ledbury Poetry Festival, taking place at the Barrett-Browning Institute during the summer each year, they are proudly the biggest and most international celebration of poetry and the spoken word in the entire UK. During this vibrant festival, contemporary literary writers and poets from all around the world gather to perform, write and listen to poetry. This is the perfect event for any literature lovers, as well as any beginners who want a taste of poetry!

As well as these, various events take place at Eastnor Castle- there are plenty of events for children, from Dinosaur shows to Circus skills workshops and many more exciting and unique events and workshops to get involved in. Perhaps Eastnor Castle’s largest event, Lakefest is a colourful and exciting 4-day music festival, full of fantastic performances from various artists—if you’re staying with us during the summer months, it’s a must-visit event. Click here to see upcoming events at Eastnor Castle.

In terms of the local community, Ledbury’s is a group of friendly and welcoming individuals. The efforts of Ledbury town council, to ensure Ledbury is an enjoyable and safe place to live for the locals and visitors, show a sincere concern for the town. This group of hard-working and driven individuals prioritize and value the opinions, concerns and feelings of the people of Ledbury, and work to improve the local area through their various committees, including an environment and leisure committee, an economy and tourism committee, and their frequent council meetings.

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